Obtain Cash When You Need It

Do you require extra cash to meet financial obligations before the end of the month? Typically, obtaining a bank loan involves extensive verifications (and a lot of paperwork). Many people prefer to obtain pawn loans instead. By pawning items you own, you’ll obtain a rapid cash advance without extensive interviews or burdensome loan applications.

Serving People in Miami, Florida

In the Miami, Florida area, visit Koosh Pawn for rapid, caring assistance. We offer pawn loans to customers in exchange for items of value: watches, coins, jewelry, electronic gear, lawnmowers, and more! By fulfilling the repayment terms in your pawn agreement, you have an opportunity to redeem any merchandise you pawn with us.

Fast Pawn Loans Offer Convenience

Our customers love pawn loans because of the convenience of this process. Sometimes, financial emergencies arise. If you require health care for a sudden illness, or you face unexpected funeral expenses, or you lose your job on short notice and need money to pay for housing or food, persuading a conventional lender to make a loan may require a lot of time and effort. Koosh Pawn offers a fast, considerate alternative. Simply pawn some of your property with us instead. You enjoy an opportunity to redeem these items if you choose to do so.

Cash For You!

Today, many people discover they have items around their home they no longer value or need. Why not seek a fast pawn loan? You’ll have the opportunity to sell these possessions without the hassle of conducting a garage sale. We provide free no-obligation quotes!

Pawn Jewelry Miami

When you decide to “pawn my watch” how should you proceed? Consider visiting Koosh Pawn. Leave with money in your pocket:

Show us your item


  • We’ll offer a pawn loan price.
  • When you accept, we keep the item and you leave with money.
  • Redeem the item if you choose to do so within the pawn period.
  • You Can Locate Bargains at Koosh Pawn, Too!


Of course, in addition to pawning items at Koosh Pawn in exchange for fast cash-in-hand, you can also visit our shop to search for some incredible values in merchandise. If you’ve hoped to locate a pawn shop Rolex, or you’d like to peruse a great selection of pawnshop wedding rings or other jewelry items, you’ve reached the right location! Drop by our Miami outlet to take advantage of some excellent prices on attractive, clean, in-demand merchandise.

Koosh Pawn: The Place to Shop in Miami!

Feel free to contact Koosh Pawn in Miami, Florida at any time to discuss your pawn loan needs, or to inquire about stylish luxury items on sale now. Savvy South Florida shoppers have already discovered the benefits of checking this website on a frequent basis. We offer excellent customer service. Our staff looks forward to assisting you soon!