Wondering where to sell your wedding rings? Not all relationships work out. When you don’t want the constant reminder of the past, you can visit Koosh Pawn to turn engagement rings and wedding bands into cash.

Cash for Your Jewelry

Pawn shop wedding rings are highly sought after because many people don’t want to pay top dollar for a wedding ring – but,  they do want to have a beautiful piece of jewelry on their finger. However, they know that jewelry stores are overpriced because they’re paying for so much more than just rings. This is why more and more people are choosing to browse pawn shops for their wedding jewelry.

At Koosh Pawn, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum wedding jewelry. Our diamond specialists will be able to identify the 4Cs of diamonds, regardless of cut. This ensures that couples get what they need. It’s also what allows us to provide you with a fair quote for any jewelry that you want to sell.

When you’re searching for where to sell wedding rings to get the most cash, you can rely on Koosh Pawn. We will provide you with a quote on the spot. You can then choose to take our offer or keep shopping. Should you decide to take our offer, we will buy your ring immediately; paying you cash so that there’s no need to walk away with a check in your hand.


What We’re Looking For

There are plenty of pawn shops wedding rings that we’re in the market for because we know that preferences vary. Some people have larger budgets than others, too.


Some of what we’re looking for include:

  • 1 carat and larger diamond engagement rings
  • Wedding bands with and without diamonds
  • Blue and yellow diamonds
  • Wedding sets that include matching wedding bands for him and her
  • Yellow, white, and rose gold bands

Our goal is to be able to provide something for everyone when they walk through the door of Koosh Pawn. It is because of this that we’re able to buy more wedding jewelry.


We Make it Simple

Many pawn shops expect you to make an appointment, visit them on a specific day and time, and then go through a long and drawn out process. At Koosh Pawn, our goal is to make it simpler for you. We buy wedding rings frequently and therefore we have streamlined the process to make it easier for everyone involved.

We have diamond specialists available throughout our store hours, so visit us at a time that’s convenient for you. We will review your rings and provide you with a cash offer – we are generous with our offers, find out for yourself by stopping by our store.

If you’re ready to sell your wedding rings, visit us. We look forward to viewing what you have and we may be able to offer you cash immediately.