Do you wish there was an easy way to make money between paychecks? Whether you need cash to pay an unexpected bill that just popped up or if you just quickly need money, Koosh Pawn can assist you. Located in Hollywood, Florida, we buy used watches for sale and also let you take out a loan against a watch you already own.  We make it easy for you to get all the cash you want or need from your old watch.

Who Works With Us?

Our customers come from all different backgrounds. We have people come into the shop daily who just need a little extra money until their next paychecks. Our customers include those who inherited items from loved ones too. When you lose someone special to you and get a watch or other jewelry that you know you’ll never wear, you can bring it in and let us buy it from you. We’ll give you cash and let someone else buy that watch you are no longer interested in.

Selling to Us

We are the leading choice for used Rolex Miami shoppers. Rolex is one of the top names in the watch industry and makes dozens of models that are popular with shoppers and collectors. There are a number of knockoffs on the market today though, which is why we authenticate every watch that comes through our shop. We’ll only make an offer after carefully looking at the piece to ensure it’s the real deal and after looking at the current value, which helps us decide how much to offer. You can bring us watches from all the top manufacturers. We also purchase lots and collections.


If you need extra cash but don’t want to sell your old watch, you can pawn it to us instead. When you pawn an old watch to us, we’ll give you a loan based on the value of that item. You receive a ticket from us that you can bring back later when you pay off the loan. Many of our customers make regular payments on their loans. We’ll keep that item in the back until you decide to let us have it or you come in with the balance due on your account.

More Than Just a Pawn Shop

While we offer a wide range of pre-owned watches for sale, we are more than just your everyday Miami pawn shop. At Koosh Pawn, we treat each customer who comes through our doors like a close and personal friend. You can sell old watches to us or just stop in and ask about the process. We’ll answer all the questions you have about selling and pawning all the old watches in your home. To get the money you need quickly, bring in your old watches to our shop and let us make an offer today.