Are you considering selling your Rolex men’s or ladies’ watch? Selling a Rolex is often stressful, as you want the best price. But do you wonder, “Where should I sell my Rolex in Miami?” How do you know what you will receive for your Rolex watch? What can you expect, so that there are no surprises when you sell your Rolex?

Sell Rolex Watches to Koosh Pawn Miami

When you need emergency cash for auto repairs, medical care, living expenses or other household costs, selling your Rolex to Koosh Pawn can meet your immediate cash flow needs. At Koosh Pawn you get the right price for your Rolex with easy loan terms and extensions if you need 30 days or longer added to your repayment terms. You can even extend or renew your loan multiple times to solve your cash flow problems.

If you want to sell your Rolex watch, Koosh Rolex pawn shop near Miami buys Rolexes for resale. This means you gain immediate cash for your quality Rolex watch. Selling also means you do not have to repay a loan.


Sell Your Rolex and Other Jewelry Items in One Location

Koosh Pawn of Hollywood, Florida buys your other jewelry items, too. If you want to sell Rolex watches along with other items, just bring your quality, gently used watches and jewelry to Koosh Pawn. At Koosh Pawn you receive a quick, confidential and convenient means of borrowing money or selling items you no longer use. You can easily and efficiently sell your luxury watches, rings, earrings, gemstone jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, chains and other gold, silver, platinum, and diamond accessories.

You know that selling Rolex watches or other items in Miami can sometimes seem questionable. But at Koosh Pawn, we use advanced computer technology and years of experience to ensure that when you sell Rolex, the transaction meets all local, state and federal guidelines. We also provide the highest quality of customer service and care, to ensure that you have the most comfortable selling, loaning or buying experience.

Come to the Koosh Pawn Shop Rolex counter for your Rolex Miami sale or loan today. Sell your Rolex and quickly be back on your way with cash in your pocket.


How Do I Sell My Rolex Watch?

Do you have a Rolex watch to sell? Simply come to Koosh Pawn in Hollywood, FL. Bring your Rolex in for an appraisal by our experienced jewelers and Rolex buyers. You receive a quick appraisal for your Rolex, the price we will pay you for your watch or a loan amount for your pawn.

The more detail you can provide about your Rolex or other jewelry items, the better. So when you go to Koosh Pawn with your Rolex for sale, bring any accompanying paperwork or its original box with you. These items are not required for the sale, but they certainly help during the process. Of course, many people inherit Rolex watches, buy them in an estate sale or receive them as gifts. So not having the original box or paperwork is not a problem when you sell Rolex at Koosh Pawn.


Koosh Pawn Buys and Sells the Highest Quality Rolex Watches

At Koosh Pawn, we check your Rolex model, serial number, sales receipts, service or warranty papers and other means to ensure its authenticity. We price your Rolex according to the latest wholesale market value. Another important factor is your Rolex watch’s condition when you sell or pawn it.

To gain the most accurate price for selling your Rolex or pawning the watch, bring as much of your watch information with you as you can. Having originally accompanying items like boxes, manuals, warranty papers or spare parts helps you gain the most accurate price. Before leaving home on your way to Koosh Pawn in Hollywood, try to remember to bring any extra bracelet links, repair documents, and maintenance records. These all help in establishing your watch’s value. Of course, if your Rolex watch for sale does not include these items, we still provide you with a competitive price.