It wasn’t that long ago that people weren’t sure what pawn shops did or how they worked. The popularity of television shows like “Pawn Stars” led to shoppers of all ages using pawn shops to get loans and to make money. You can visit our shop when you want to sell something or when you’re in the market for something new. At Koosh Pawn, we want you to feel confident before you sell, which is why we’ll go over how pawning works.


What is a Pawn Loan?

Pawning is essentially a process that lets you borrow money against a specific item or object. Banks offer collateral loans and require physical collateral to secure those loans. You can put up your own car, your home or even a piece of land that you own. Pawn loans are smaller in size and allow you to borrow cash without putting up a large or expensive type of collateral. We base the amount that you can borrow on the value of your item and how much we could get for it.


Pawning a Watch

“Sell my watch” is a popular search among men and women living in the Miami area. When you sell your watch, you get a set amount based on its overall value. We give you the option of pawning your watch and using it to secure a loan. When you pawn your watch, we’ll tell you exactly how long you have to pay back your loan and how you can make payments. You’ll get cash in hand on the spot. As long as you return and pay us the money you owe, you can walk away with your watch. This lets you pawn it again when money gets tight.


Where Can I Sell My Watch for Cash Near Me?

Though you may want to pawn your watch for cash and get it back again later, you can also sell that watch outright to us. “I want to sell my watch,” is something that many people say when they come through our doors. You might have an old watch that you replaced with a newer model or have a vintage watch that doesn’t match your sense of style that you inherited from a close friend or family member. When we purchase your watch, we’ll put the money you want right in your hands and help you avoid the hassles of finding a buyer.


How Much is My Rolex Worth?

Even if you keep thinking, “I want to sell my watch,” you might hesitate before selling to a pawn shop because you think you won’t get much cash for it. At Koosh Pawn, we will make a reasonable offer based on the value of any item you want to sell. We take into account factors like age and condition as well as name brand and the popularity of that brand. Rolex and other top brands receive higher offers than others do. If you want to find out how much a vintage or modern watch is worth or want to sell or pawn that watch, stop by our Miami shop.